laser-teeth-whitening-featuredSome people have discolored teeth and these people know how self-conscious they can feel about the discolorations. Many suffer in silence and simply put up with the fact that their teeth are not a more ideal color. However, they may also not realize that there are options available for the effective treatment of dental discolorations.  Personal health and personal appearance are of great importance for many people who have to interact with friends, work colleagues, customers and associates in different capacities each day. For these people, it is essential that they look good and that they take care of their appearance.

Teeth discoloration is very common and, in some cases, the reasons for the problem can go back as far as childhood. The most common causes are through smoking or chewing tobacco although these are now on the decline. Drinking large quantities of tea, coffee or carbonated beverages is another common cause of tooth discoloration. In addition, having taken certain antibiotics as a child, trauma, poor dental hygiene and general aging are some of the other main sources of the problem.

For your convenience and budget, we recommend the use of a Home Whitening Kit that you can conveniently use at home at your own pace.

About Take-Home Whitening

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Take Home Whitening  involves preparing custom trays after taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth. We will instruct you in the use of the trays and of the bleaching agents that you will then take home and use at your convenience. There are several advantages to using this system. We custom fit the trays to you so there is never any risk of swallowing the whitening agents. Additionally, our whitening agents are more powerful than you can purchase over-the counter and the results will typically be more noticeable. By allowing you to use this whitening system at home and at your own convenience, we help to minimize any sensitivity during the bleaching process as well as allowing you to have more control over how white your teeth will become.

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